I Got a Juicer!

My fabulous boyfriend was recently out shopping for some shorts (all he had were inappropriately short board shorts) and the dear came back with a shiny new juicer for little old me! I have been mentioning that I would like to get a juicer at some stage for the past few months and the boy listens! I didn’t even think I was dropping hints – I was more saying it so I would remember myself to save up for one! He can’t go past a bargain and apparently it was on sale (post Chistmas sales) so he picked it up for me.

It’s a Breville Juice Fountain Plus and is apparently the #1 selling juicer in the world! Not too shabby huh?


so shiny!

I am so excited to go out and buy a whole lot of fruit and veggies to create amazing juices!

So, my question to you: any juice recipes you would care to share? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Eleanor x

7 responses

  1. I bought the same juicer for my mum a few years ago. Looks like the design hasn’t changed. Pineapples, oranges and carrots are all good things to juice. A lot of the time though it works out cheaper to just buy juice, it really depends what you’re paying for all the fruit. Also, rinse the juicer right after using it otherwise it gets tricky to clean.

    • Good point, luckily I have a cheap farmers market close by so hopefully won’t be paying too much for the fruit and veggies! I think that a juicer also allows you to get all the nutrients from the fresh juice as opposed to store bought juice which often isn’t that good for you. Thanks for the advice 🙂

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