Aww shucks! I got an ABC award!

I know it is long long long overdue, but sometime ago I was lucky enough to be given an ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award by mywithershins. Thank you! And enormous apologies for my lack of “awesome content” over this past month!

It’s easy to accept the ABC Award!  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use the alphabet to describe yourself.

2. Pass the award to as many nominees as you see fit and let them know.

Here’s my Alphabet List:

Affable  Busy  Cautious  Dedicated  Energetic  Friendly  Girly  Happy  Independent  Joker  Kind  Lanky  Motivated  Neat  Organised  Pole-Dancer  Qualified  Reliable  Silly  Traveller  Understanding  Vibrant  Weird  Xylophone?  Young  Zealous

And I would like to nominate two of my favourite blogs, on totally different topics that are near and dear. Baking and Pole Dancing!

Jo the Tart Queen – she really is the queen of tarts! One hell of a baker with scrumptious recipes for all things sweet!

Folly in Little City – A pole dancer’s tale!

Congratulations guys, thank you for producing such fine blogs! And another thank you to My Wither Shins.



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