OMJ! (Oh My Jars!)

So, I was wandering around a shopping centre last week wasting time before a dance class was to start and stumbled into a massive $2 shop. Nothing special, it was filled with the usually crap that one finds in a cheap discount store. Except this one happened to have a treasure trove of…jars!

Exciting, right!? …..right?

Maybe it’s just me, but I have long been on the hunt for glass jars that don’t cost up to $20 a pop. Primarily, to store pantry items such as flour and sugar (I can think of 5 types of sugar I have in my pantry off the top of my head). So I got super excited when I found so many jars ranging from 50¢ for the itty bitty ones up to $3.50 for the big’uns.

I feel that, according to most people, I should be ashamed to say that I spent over $50 on jars (especially considering that I can’t justify spending that much on any item of clothing..ever). But, well, I’m not ashamed at all! I spent $51.30 and look how many I got!

jars for diy projects

oohhhh so many jars...

How cute are the itty bitty baby ones!? I got them more for the cute factor as opposed to having any real plan to use them. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. I’m definitely going back for more of the big ones for storing baking supplies.

So far, I have a few ideas for the jars. I’m planning on using them for:

  • Pantry organisation (storing flour, sugar, pasta, rice etc)
  • Homemade candles in the jars
  • More homemade bath salts, moisturiser and body scrubs (see original post here)

Now – my question to you, dear readers, what do you think I should use them for? I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for DIY or organisation projects using my fabulous treasure trove of jars.                        

 Comment below with ideas of your own, things you’ve seen, links..anything!

Once I get a few ideas, I’ll put them to the test and post on my success!


Eleanor x

DIY: Homemade Votive Candle Holders

I have a few dinner dates coming up and wanted to create a nice centrepiece for our dining table. I really wanted to experiment with making a decorated votive candle holder of some sort to place around a vase of pink gerberas. I took myself to Kmart and a $2 shop and found everything I needed…

Homemade Votive Candle Holders

the finished product!


  • Mason Jars
  • Tea light Candles
  • Pearl Beads
  • Skeleton Leaves (found with scrapbooking supplies)
  • Doilies (paper or fabric)
  • Glue (I used Clag)
  • Newspaper

$2 mason jars from kmart


$3 pack of 30 tea light candles from kmart

craft pearl beads

skeleton leaves, $5/pack from kmart

$2 store paper doilies



  1. Start by cleaning the the jars and discard the lids
  2. Lay down newspaper on your workspace
  3. Cover leaves in glue and place on the outside of the jars, smoothing down and adding a layer of glue on top – it is up to you how many leaves to put on the jars
  4. Place tea light candle in the bottom of the jar and drop in pearl beads to surround the candle
  5. Let leaves dry
  6. Place finished jar on a doily
  7. *If you like, grab some ribbon or twine to wrap around the top*

completely cover leaf with glue (excuse the random picture on the newspaper underneath!)

use as many pearls beads as you like to surround the candle

my finished centrepiece

You may notice that I completely covered one jar with the skeleton leaves and only used four on the other two jars. I decided I liked them better with fewer leaves, but feel free to create your own design. You might also like to try three leaves in a fan shape on one side of the jar  (I think I will try this design next time!).

I chose to buy pink coloured tea light candles to match my pink gerberas, feel free to use any colours you like. Also, there are plenty of options for decorating the jars. You could use pieces of fabric (like Fellow Fellow) or any other paper cutouts or pre made scrapbooking materials you may come across. The same goes with the pearl beads – I chose pearls as I though it would go nicely with the general theme – but you can use anything; moon stones, sand, rice..anything! Get creative!

Tip: some tongs may help when arranging the beads around the candle.

Good luck! If you decide to make these, let me know how you go – and send photos!

Eleanor x

P.S. If you are looking for more DIY ideas, check out the DIY tab at the top of the page. You might also like my post about homemade beauty products!