I went kikki.K-razy!

As is evident is past posts (for example: here) and to anyone that knows a bit about me, I freakin’ love all things stationary and organisation and am particularly obsessed with the brand kikki.K. In the above post I spoke about their Goals Book, Wellbeing Journal and Gratitude Book which I absolutely love and have been using as part of my Happiness Project. I tend to raid kikki.K once every few months so am naturally on their mailing list – a member if you will – and just so happened to get a lovely little email about their new “Organisk” range with a $10 gift voucher.


Of course, I couldn’t resist, so I hightailed it to my nearest kikki.K store and instead of just spending $10 in order to get the $10 voucher, I bought pretty much the whole range. It was all so pretty! Here’s what I scored:

3 Pack of Notebooks

Daily Notes

Note Cube and Pen

Weekly Meal Planner

I originally intended only to buy the 3 pack of unlined notebooks as I was given these as a Christmas gift last year – but in the Botaniska range – and I absolutely love them, I use them for everything. The Daily Notes pad is such an “Eleanor” item – it has different sections for the Today’s Date, Top 3 Priorities, Appointments, To Do List, Water Intake, Tonight’s Dinner, For Tomorrow and “What I’m Thankful For”. I was so excited about this item, it’s pretty much all the notes I take each day but compiled into one super cute page! I also got this adorable note cube with a built in pen holder – and, naturally, I got the matching pen. This has come in very handy for leaving notes for my boyfriend to clean the dishes or to take down quick notes while on the phone. And lastly is something I had been wanting to get for a while, a weekly meal planner. This is particularly useful for planning out healthy meals and to help to do the weekly shopping without wasting time um-ing and ah-ing in the supermarket.

Well, there you have it. My latest shopping spree. This coming from someone that can’t justify spending $20 on a top while in dire need of a wardrobe upgrade – I’ll happily spend away in kikki.K. Hmm, are my priorities mixed up? Oh well, organisation!



How to De-Clutter Your Wardrobe (Minus the Um’s and Ah’s)

If you’re anything like me and tried to spring clean your wardrobe, this is a pretty familiar scene, no?

You’re frazzled, surrounded by piles of clothes tentatively separated into a giant Keep pile, a significantly smaller Chuck Out pile and the inevitable I-Haven’t-Worn-This-Hideous-Neon-Turtleneck-With-The-Tags-Still-On-Since-I-Bought-It-On-A-Psychotic-Whim-But-It-Might-Come-In-Handy-One-Day pile.

Sound familiar?

I am, admittedly, an organisation junkie. However, I’m also a bit of a hoarder. Which makes it extremely difficult when I go into organisation frenzy mode but then end up successfully justifying why I should keep those itsy bitsy pink pyjamas from when I was 7 years old because they have Pocahontas on them and aren’t they just so cute with the little tassels!?

Alas, I think I have stumbled upon a solution. All you need is some coat hangers and some willpower (I’m sure I can pick some of that up somewhere). I can’t for the life of me remember where I discovered this genius idea, but I think it’s a beauty.

I recently cleaned out my wardrobe and, instead of getting distracted by trying on the metallic blue lycra leggings I was given for a dress up party two years ago (I was so close to posting a photo but thought I’d leave it to your imagination), I decided to try out my new tactic.

Organisation Tips

Coat Hangers!

All I did was hang up all my clothes (minus some trackies and tshirts that I had already scoured through) with the coat hanger facing backwards.

That’s it. 

Now, every time that I take an item of clothing off a hanger and hang it up again after wearing it, I’ll re-hang it with the coat hanger facing the right way. In six months (to be fair to cold and hot seasons) I’ll look through my wardrobe at the items that haven’t been taken off the hanger in that time and get rid of them because, chances are, if I haven’t worn it in six months – it’s not an item I need to hang onto.

Brilliant isn’t it? Now, go, hurry to your wardrobe and turn everything around!

Eleanor x