I went kikki.K-razy!

As is evident is past posts (for example: here) and to anyone that knows a bit about me, I freakin’ love all things stationary and organisation and am particularly obsessed with the brand kikki.K. In the above post I spoke about their Goals Book, Wellbeing Journal and Gratitude Book which I absolutely love and have been using as part of my Happiness Project. I tend to raid kikki.K once every few months so am naturally on their mailing list – a member if you will – and just so happened to get a lovely little email about their new “Organisk” range with a $10 gift voucher.


Of course, I couldn’t resist, so I hightailed it to my nearest kikki.K store and instead of just spending $10 in order to get the $10 voucher, I bought pretty much the whole range. It was all so pretty! Here’s what I scored:

3 Pack of Notebooks

Daily Notes

Note Cube and Pen

Weekly Meal Planner

I originally intended only to buy the 3 pack of unlined notebooks as I was given these as a Christmas gift last year – but in the Botaniska range – and I absolutely love them, I use them for everything. The Daily Notes pad is such an “Eleanor” item – it has different sections for the Today’s Date, Top 3 Priorities, Appointments, To Do List, Water Intake, Tonight’s Dinner, For Tomorrow and “What I’m Thankful For”. I was so excited about this item, it’s pretty much all the notes I take each day but compiled into one super cute page! I also got this adorable note cube with a built in pen holder – and, naturally, I got the matching pen. This has come in very handy for leaving notes for my boyfriend to clean the dishes or to take down quick notes while on the phone. And lastly is something I had been wanting to get for a while, a weekly meal planner. This is particularly useful for planning out healthy meals and to help to do the weekly shopping without wasting time um-ing and ah-ing in the supermarket.

Well, there you have it. My latest shopping spree. This coming from someone that can’t justify spending $20 on a top while in dire need of a wardrobe upgrade – I’ll happily spend away in kikki.K. Hmm, are my priorities mixed up? Oh well, organisation!



Happiness Project – Tools:

After I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I bought several copies for my closest family and friends to read in the hopes they would get as much out of it as I had. Today, I caught up with one of my closest and most wonderful friends for our first “Happiness Project Date”. We chatted about what we ultimately wanted to achieve this year with our own version of Rubin’s Happiness Project and what our monthly themes could be and the resolutions we would attempt to stick to during each month. We both agreed that January would be a month of focus and organisation as well as new beginnings in order to set ourselves up for the year and for the following eleven months of resolutions and goals.

As I mentioned in a previous post I am completely and utterly obsessed with kikki.K. As such, their amazing workbooks, journals and stationary have been a major aspect  in the development of my Happiness Project. This probably sounds a bit too obsessive, right? Let me explain. They have a series of notebooks, divided into sections that aim to help you put together your thoughts about your personal development.

I have been using their Goals Book, Wellbeing Journal and Gratitude Book in the development of my Happiness Project and I think they will be invaluable tools in tracking my progress during my year of happiness.

The Goals Book is split onto Personal Development, Family & Relationships, Finance & Career, Health & Fitness and Dare to Dream with pages for you to write the steps needed to get you to each specific goal as well as a mind map for your ‘perfect life’ and questions to work through to realise your goals.

The Wellbeing Journal includes the tabbed sections Body, Mind, Surrounding and Journal with specific pages to help you set goals in relation to food, exercise, sleep, time for yourself, positive thinking, stress reduction, reclaiming time, social wellbeing, personal surroundings and our planet.

The Gratitude Book is more of a simpler format filled with lined pages for you to write down three things you are grateful for each day. I think it is very important not only to take time to think about what you are grateful for in your life, but also to show it through your actions. This book is great as well because it comes with 10 postcards that you can send to people telling them what you are grateful for.


So, these are the tools that I will be using to create and track my happiness project. In my next post I will detail my goals for the month of January and share my personal resolutions.


“It’s your world.

You’re a shareholder,

take an active interest in it”



Eleanor x