Training Update

Over the Christmas and New Year break I’ve been down at my parent’s house. It is so beautiful down here and I’ve found it a lot easier to go for runs and walks, considering this is my view….

I’m still struggling with my running and realised yesterday that it is at the one ┬ákilometre mark that my knee kicks in and starts hurting like crazy. I managed to do 3km in 24min with a lot of jogging and walking in between but am hoping to work up to longer, faster runs. Nike+GPS is a great app that I invested in once I decided to sign up for Tough Mudder. It tracks the route that you run and the pace as well as your time and distance and shows it all on a map and in a table form. I play music while running the app too and there’s an automated voiceover that updates you at ever kilometre with your distance, pace and time. Such a good resource to keep track and keep motivated to beat past times/distances.

Eleanor x