I Got a Juicer!

My fabulous boyfriend was recently out shopping for some shorts (all he had were inappropriately short board shorts) and the dear came back with a shiny new juicer for little old me! I have been mentioning that I would like to get a juicer at some stage for the past few months and the boy listens! I didn’t even think I was dropping hints – I was more saying it so I would remember myself to save up for one! He can’t go past a bargain and apparently it was on sale (post Chistmas sales) so he picked it up for me.

It’s a Breville Juice Fountain Plus and is apparently the #1 selling juicer in the world! Not too shabby huh?


so shiny!

I am so excited to go out and buy a whole lot of fruit and veggies to create amazing juices!

So, my question to you: any juice recipes you would care to share? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Eleanor x